limezilla-boxshot-190x240LimeZilla is a brand new BitTorrent client that aims to group together most top features available in advanced file sharing software. Derived from Limewire, the most popular p2p application, LimeZilla pushes the convenience and high-speed downloading to the next level.

LimeZilla offers support to the Gnutella file-sharing protocol which means you’ll be able to connect to millions of peers and search for your wanted files whether movies, music, games, applications, ebooks or other. Thanks to the increased number of ultrapeers and optimized search results, the software offers a rich download experience.

The software uses DRM-free technology (there is no filter to limit your downloads to only authorized files) and optimized speeds to connect you to the largest file-sharing network over the Internet which greatly helps you find and grab any individual file faster and with increased accuracy – (for example, if you’re looking for certain rare songs, LimeZilla beats most of its competitors).

The program lines up a multitude of useful features such as dynamic querying advanced system for finding rare files, an easy-to-work-with, stylish and highly intuitive user interface.


LimeZilla Key Features:

- Ease of use, just install, run, search and download
- Allows advanced searching options by artist, title, genre and more;
- Turbo-charged downloads;
- Intuitive, attractive interface with multiple search tabs;
- Browse host feature that works even through firewalls;
- "Swarm" downloads from multiple hosts for high-speed downloading;
- Intelligent ultrapeer technology that reduces bandwidth requirements;
- Automatic local network searches for lightning-fast downloads.

While we develop and offer file sharing software, we do not encourage the distribution of illegal content via the Internet. Please use our p2p programs only for legitimate purposes. We acknowledge and respect the concerns of copyright holders and ask users of these applications and this website to do the same.


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Windows 8


All our products are Windows 8 compatible


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